With SP Global Ventures services, serve your customer the best. It is vital to assist customers with proper support when it comes to services and products, and hence, it is important to manage a customer support which would help in managing customer relationships. Our team would effectively handle calls, generate sales leads, and achieve customer satisfaction. We would train our team with input about your products/services for them to handle the complaints properly and provide a resolution with appropriate solutions.

Live Chat Support

Customer Communication has always been the life line for any business. The evolution of customer communication to customer engagement has become the key for substantial increase in sales and outstanding customer service. Live chat has become inevitable for any business, that makes it so easy to communicate and engage with customers.

A recent survey results shows that Live Chat has the highest levels of satisfaction amongst any other customer sales or service channel. Live chat is the future!

We have experience with bold chat, Talisma, ATG, live person, zeacom, etc.. and we are also flexible to work with tools of the customer’s choice.

Email Support

At SP Global Ventures we engage customers to resolve the issues and, We have stringent SLAs to respond on time, which would reduce the cost incurred; improving customer satisfaction and trust. Our customer engagements would increase the CSAT scores at ease as our customer service executives are trained and are well-experienced. We also provide 24/7 support to assist better and ensure customer delight. We practice first case resolutions as our focus is on adding value to the business.

Customer Support on Social Media

Social media have emerged to be the spotlight with respect to marketing, advertising, and curating potential customers. Verified pages on Facebook and Twitter have reached quickly such that many queries turn as an inbox message. We, at SP Global Ventures Pvt ltd, help in providing customer support on Social Media. We take care of your social media prescence and aid in engaging your customers with valuable insights about your business, replying to direct queries from customers, responding to reviews, etc..

Market Research

We specialized in getting researched input for our clients to aid in their marketing plan process. Our team is well-trained and experienced to interpret the research related data and information. We present to our clients a complete study with the proprietary research offerings enlisted. Our team is always updated about the global market and hence, we can offer detailed market research and analysis.

We provide with various studies and opinions which presents valuable insights about the consumers and the current market, along with details of what’s expected from the market in future for the prospect.

Our services include CATI(Computer Aided Tekephone Interview), CAWI(Computer Assisted Web Interviewing), Panel research, pricing research, Qualitative and quantitative research, etc.. where we offer the right advice to our clients reducing their operational cost. We share the report with complete details and thereby, we also help with the strategic actions to correct and develop the business.